Formula 1

Recently showcased in a first of its kind setting on the Abu Dhabi F1 podium, These bottles received the Elite Flawless Coatings diamond paint finish. It was a great honour to be part of the creative design and the unveiling of the new Formula One logo in Abu Dubai. And my thanks goes out to Mark and via GP .

Beauty and positivity are inherent markers of Mark Dickens Art who designed and painted the new flagship for the new F1 logo, The bottles mark the launch of a new era, for F1 now and in 2018.

The combination of a very elegant launch at the end of the 2017 F1 season in Abu Dhabi and the new logo, reveal their created pride of place for the unique, special podium bottles. Mark has deservedly achieved worldwide recognition for the design which was inspired by the stunning domed ceiling of the Abu Dhabi Louvre Art Museum.

One of the Carbon Champagne bottles is to be put on displayed in the Art Gallery’s Louvre Museum.

Elite Flawless Coatings is a unique combination of technology blending the beautiful sparkling effect of diamonds with glass, results in the silky smooth bodywork of your choice. This is the flawless finish required for those who recognise quality and the next level of protection for your prized collection or a single item.