The Inventor  –   Mike Theobald 

As the Inventor of this  Diamond Flawless Coating, I am Named and registered under an applied for United Kingdom patent filed by Cleveland London, on behalf of Boulle Luxury Ltd.

 My personal endeavours are to meet the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in all of our services offered, to our customers and partners. All of our diamonds used in the production of the flawless coatings are certified as conflict-free from my suppliers.

To ensure our supply chains transparency I source our diamonds directly from reputable worldwide suppliers. In addition, we will fully comply with relevant international standards such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme when required and the requirements of the World Diamond Council.

Protecting the interests of our customers and partners is a key priority. All material information about our products is fully disclosed to customers at all time of purchase in accordance with best industry practice and within the constraints of commercial confidentiality, and Data protection.

Mike Theobald



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