About Elite Flawless Coatings

Any Specialists in their field can spray this process, it is a well balanced and engineered approach giving the flawless finish, That you as the client will require, you will be kept appraised of progress at every step by your chosen contractor.

My newly invented  Elite Flawless Coating’s gloss coating can be supplied by distributors  LKQ Ltd, England and throughout Europe, and the USA.

LKQ is a NASDAQ Chicago based company, and their Paint and preparations experts will travel worldwide to assist you in your request for the ultimate in luxury automotive finishes of a flawless standard for you the most discerning customers.

The coating is a unique combination of diamonds and glass giving toughness and outstanding brilliance. It has been applied to one of the most Luxurious high-performance sports boats in the world  Having undergone all the sea trials over the past few months.

 My Elite Flawless Coatings blended process, has been tested and approved by one of the largest Paint suppliers in the world and can be applied with confidence to the hulls or the interiors of your boat or super yachts, and Jet aircraft. By APS Holland.