A Flawless Finish

Recently showcased in a first of its kind setting on the Abu Dhabi F1 podium, These bottles received the Elite Flawless Coatings diamond paint finish. It was a great honour to be part of the creative design and the unveiling of the new Formula One logo in Abu Dubai. And my thanks goes out to Mark and via GP .

Beauty and positivity are inherent markers of Mark Dickens Art who designed and painted the new flagship for the new F1 logo, The bottles mark the launch of a new era, for F1 now and in 2018.

The combination of a very elegant launch at the end of the 2017 F1 season in Abu Dhabi and the new logo, reveal their created pride of place for the unique, special podium bottles. Mark has deservedly achieved worldwide recognition for the design which was inspired by the stunning domed ceiling of the Abu Dhabi Louvre Art Museum.

One of the Carbon Champagne bottles is to be put on displayed in the Art Gallery’s Louvre Museum.

Elite Flawless Coatings is a unique combination of technology blending the beautiful sparkling effect of diamonds with glass, results in the silky smooth bodywork of your choice. This is the flawless finish required for those who recognise quality and the next level of protection for your prized collection or a single item.


There is no limit to the range of products that can be enhanced when sprayed with the Elite Flawless Coatings. Browse the variety of products that we have already successfully sprayed – do you have something you want us to treat? 

The very latest application by Liquid Colour Design as our preferred registered specialist supplier of Elite Flawless Coatings introduces another first, applying the finish to racing helmets. 

“Designed by fellow artist, Brandon Seaber, Liquid Colour Design founder Iain Baldwin applied the luxurious racing helmet finish at his paint shop in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland. 

The Stilo helmets were painted by Liquid Colour Design for world-renowned Italian racing drive, Raffaele Marciello. Two versions of the design were created for Marciello, a red version and a blue version.”

Elite Flawless Coatings is proud to have been part of that world first! 

Bloodhound Project News

After 200 man years* work the BloodhoundSSC car heads out to South Africa for its first series of high speed runs in October 2018. By 2020 it will be challenging for the 1000mph World Record.

The project has been established as a global education programme with Oracle Corporation. Live data from 500 data channels is to be exported live to the schools and followers in the 200 countries following the project .

In South Africa the Northern Cape Government has sponsored a 1000 man year programme to prepare the HakskeenPan desert track.

The BloodhoundSSC programme follows on from the highly successful ThrustSSC programme which achieved the Worlds first supersonic land speed record in 1997.

*A normal man-year is reckoned to total about 1,800 working hours.

Elite Flawless Coatings are honoured to be involved with this scientific breakthrough. 


This transformation enhances the appearance of your Superyacht, Car, or Jet aircraft – this application of a diamond glass spray finish is incredibly versatile. 

For a bespoke finish that will give you a priceless possession, contact Elite Flawless Coatings and discuss your Elite project.

A new Diamond Coating for the Aircraft Industry sector from the USA will follow soon as we are in talks with one of the most prestigious paint suppliers worldwide. We are developing an approved and tested Federal Aviation Administration combination of Diamond and Glass flakes. Improving the balance of the coating is imperative as it has to be subject to stringent FAA testing to ensure it meets required specifications whilst maintaining its appearance in extreme temperatures.


The Inventor  –   Mike Theobald 

As the Inventor of this  Diamond Flawless Coating, I am Named and registered under an applied for United Kingdom patent filed by Cleveland London, on behalf of Boulle Luxury Ltd.

 My personal endeavours are to meet the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in all of our services offered, to our customers and partners. All of our diamonds used in the production of the flawless coatings are certified as conflict-free from my suppliers.

To ensure our supply chains transparency I source our diamonds directly from reputable worldwide suppliers. In addition, we will fully comply with relevant international standards such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme when required and the requirements of the World Diamond Council.

Protecting the interests of our customers and partners is a key priority. All material information about our products is fully disclosed to customers at all time of purchase in accordance with best industry practice and within the constraints of commercial confidentiality, and Data protection.

Mike Theobald



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